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It was supposed to be our perfect day.

It was supposed to be our perfect day.

posted 3 months ago on 19/5/2014 - 900 notes - via hetouchesthings
Anonymous asked:
"I think episode reviews are a good way for people to express their voice and I'm glad that people have had the opportunity to read/write these blogs. It's great for ppl to have a forum. Have an opinion, yes. Discuss constructively, of course. Send angry hate filled messages to the cast and writers, never ever ok. IMO now it's time to move on. Because I know how much you love castle and because of your following in the fandom I'm hoping the you and the other bloggers can help spread this message?"


sending hate to anyone isn’t okay and it’s not something i would EVER encourage or condone. i don’t care what a person does for a living, sending hate is pathetic and ridiculous. i completely agree it should stop.

so. if you see this message and you’re one of the d-bags sending hate, stop.

if you see someone sending hate on twitter, report them for spam/harassment. DO IT. that’s what i do and i enjoy it. then i kick back and imagine a simpler world where i have the power to control other peoples access to internet. 

Reblogging because, well, I’m also another blogger out there in the world, and while I may not carry a high opinion in regards to the finale, I would never, ever approach one of the cast and crew with hateful messages about it, nor do I ever condone such despicable behavior amongst the fandom.

Yes, we have our opinions and criticisms, and we’re expressing ourselves quite vocally by throwing those thoughts and feelings out into the void. And that’s okay. We have that right, and with a long summer ahead, many of us need that outlet to vent and/or cope.

But cyber bullying the cast and crew? Never okay. You can debate and you can be a critic without being a monster to the people who have busted their asses for over five years to bring us this series we all love. We wouldn’t react so strongly if we didn’t care so much, but there’s a line that you just do not cross. And this is it.

posted 4 months ago on 14/5/2014 - 27 notes - via babygray


Did some things today.
The production company I intern at interviewed Nathan Fillion today.

I geeked out 100%. And he totally went with it. Let me hold Mal’s gun from Firefly and posed for pics

posted 5 months ago on 16/4/2014 - 400 notes - via itchybrained

'Castle' 6x20 preview: Castle & Beckett go disco for a mob mystery from the 70s 

posted 5 months ago on 16/4/2014 - 6 notes


Hope St. Park, 4:15 pm, 3/26/14, DTLA

posted 5 months ago on 26/3/2014 - 1,527 notes - via sleuthdog100

Penny Johnson Jerald teases tonight's episode of 'Castle', Gates' family & more 

posted 5 months ago on 24/3/2014 - 9 notes

Happy five-year anniversary to ABC's 'Castle' 

posted 6 months ago on 9/3/2014 - 85 notes

Replies to some spoilery inbox questions under the cut. Read at your own discretion.

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posted 6 months ago on 1/3/2014 - 11 notes

'Castle' 6x17 preview: Undercover Beckett's caught 'In the Belly of the Beast' 

posted 6 months ago on 28/2/2014 - 30 notes


In the belly of the beast - sneak (youtube version)

posted 6 months ago on 27/2/2014 - 429 notes - via babygray © heat-rises